Who's in charge?

The policies of the United States seem to be made by people for whom words like rational, realistic, consistent, achievable and pragmatic, never mind words like legal, ethical and moral, have been ripped from their dictionary, torn up and scattered on the whirlwind of insanity.


In Syria, Pentagon-backed jihadists are fighting CIA-backed jihadists. US-backed Kurds are being attacked by the US ally Turkey, which is allied with the declared US enemy Islamic State. US-backed jihadists threatened US troops, causing them to flee. The US bombed Syrian army forces, killing at least sixty-two soldiers, enabling Islamic State jihadists to attempt a mopping up operation. And that's just in the last couple of weeks.


Simultaneously, jihadis are committing terrorist attacks across the globe, including in the United States itself.


The United States, with its allies, has been funding, arming and training jihadists since 1979, at least. It has done this in attempts to achieve goals it has been unwilling or unable to pursue openly, such as regime change. Yet from the outset, it has been obvious that the US is incapable of controlling such forces. It has long been obvious, to even the meanest intelligence, that supporting jihadists is a recipe for terrorism, death and destruction, chaos.


The United States is supposedly opposed to terrorism. Yet, the State Department and the CIA and the Department of Defense all continue to promote terrorists. Of course, whilst the US is supporting some bunch of jihadis, they are not called terrorists; they are called freedom fighters, rebels, moderates, peaceful protesters, even democrats. However, should they bite the hand that feeds them - which they invariably do - they are only then called terrorists. Yet, even when the US finally gets around to recognising some bunch of jihadis are a threat, still one section of another of the US continues to provide support and protection.


The United States is clearly simultaneously following a set of contradictory policies. Indeed, different elements of the executive are pursuing conflicting policies. It is as though no one knows who is in charge. The president's attention to foreign policy appears to be intermittent, at most. The Secretary of State is apparently unable to control the State Department. The CIA appears to operate automonously and in accord with its own agenda. And the Department of Defense appears to have yet another agenda.


If the US executive were a person, one would be compelled to reach the conclusion that the individual is a schizophrenic psychopath.

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