Propaganda is an integral part of war

England was confronted by enemies, domestic and foreign. Their methods were invasion, treason, sedition and terrorism. This was back in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The enemies of the state were Catholics. They were prepared to resort to any means to achieve their objective. It was an existential conflict. So naturally both sides engaged in propaganda. They disseminated information to promote their cause.


Today there is a war. It is being waged by jihadists. They are determined to destroy all infidels, as their holy book commands. In this war the Islamists make use of every weapon at their disposal, including propaganda. They cite their holy scripture to show how they are required to wage war against the infidels; to show how any muslim who dares to dissent (a brave person, indeed) is a hypocrite or worse an apostate, the punishment for which is death.


All this is normal in war. Yet, the western elites not only refuse to engage in propaganda against Islam, they refuse to even recognise it as an enemy to the values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, of reason and evidence: the values of the Enlightenment. Worse still, the elites have bought the Islamists' propaganda: hook, line and sinker. The elites reproduce the Islamist propaganda at every opportunity. They assert that Islam is the religion of peace. Even worse, they denounce anyone who dares to criticise Islam, immediately condemning by the simple(-minded) expedient of name calling.


Criticise Islam and one is immediately labelled an Islamophobe, a racist. Never mind the fact that Islam is not a race. Never mind that it is a religion, a set of ideas. For it is precisely the content of those ideas that has to be hidden from sight. And that is precisely the crime the critic is guilty of: making the ideas of Islam visible. Ideas such as in Islam there are no human rights, there is no democracy, and sharia is nothing more than arbitary power, just look at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (a major supporter of western elites).


The position of the elites is incomprehensible. It is as though during the Second World War, the elites had condemned any criticism of Nazism as racism and parrotted Nazi propaganda as though it were the truth. The very idea is absurd. But it is no more absurd that a US president who refuses to accept there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism. It is no more absurd than the BBC, the United Kingdom's state broadcaster, characterising any criticism of Islam as racist Islamophobia. It is no more absurd than the US and its allies, such as France and United Kindom, arming, funding and training jihadists and their propaganda organisations. It is no more absurd that corporate news media, such as the BBC, CNN, the Guardian, Der Speigel, the New York Times, Fox News, reproducing the jihadist propaganda as though it were bona fides journalism.


The elites are clearly unwilling and unable to confront the very real threat that Islam poses to democracy, human rights, the rule of law, reason and evidence. Indeed, they are one of the Islamists most important strategic assets. The west has funded, armed and trained jihadists for decades. They are still doing so. The elites are allied with the jihadists. The war against jihad is not just a war against Islamic terrorists. It is not just a war against the ideas of Islam. It is a war against the elites of the west. The elites are traitors to the values of the Enlightenment and the peoples of the world.

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