Politics playground style

The current presidential campaign in the United States is hardly an edifying sight. It bears all the hallmarks of a barely controlled playground spat between groups of poorly socialised children. Name-calling and lying are apparently the preferred tactics.


Matt Lauer has been called sexist. Why? Because Clnton performed poorly: so deflect attention, blame the moderator.


Bill Clinton asserts Trump's slogan, Make America Great Again, is racist. Why? Because it resonates with the electorate: so make it toxic, call it code for racism. And hope everyone has forgotten that Clinton himself used the slogan over and over again. Apparently it is only racist if Trump says it.


Hillary Clinton tells Israeli television that the jihadist terrorists are praying to Allah for Trump to be the next president. Why? To deflect attention from the fact that her own policies promoted jihadist terrorism. Why? To smear Trump with guilt by association. Why? To mobilise the Israeli lobby for her and against him.


The Clinton campaign asserts that Trump is Putin's puppet. Why? Simple, unadulterated McCarthyism.


The private server scandal. Clinton has told one lie after another: to Congress, to the FBI, to the people. She said she never sent or received any classified material. The claim was false. So she said, nothing was marked classified. The claim was false. So she said she did not know what the markings signified. The claim was false. So she now says there were no headers indicating classification, which technically is true, but hides the fact that she instructed her aides to remove the headers, another deliberate deception.


And the emails - what did she do with them. Well, just like a naughty child worrying about being caught, she attempted to destroy the evidence. She had many deleted, using bleachbit. She had a laptop go missing. She had an aide destroy smart phones, with a hammer. Yet James Comey, the director of the FBI, could not find any evidence of intent - apparently because she said she had no criminal intent.


This is such an unedifying sight. Hillary Clinton claims she is the most qualified person to ever run for president of the United States (which is not merely insulting but incredibly vain). Yet her way of representing herself looks like nothing so much as spoilt child.


And for a spoilt child, coming into conflict with someone like Donald Trump can only be a nightmare. So as the polls tighten, like a spoilt child told no, she is only going to get worse.






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Comments (2)

  1. wirelessguru1

    Don’t worry. Trump is still going to win because I AM supporting him.

    September 09, 2016