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The hackers, Fancy Bears, have released further World Anti-Doping Agency records. The latest batch includes information on Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. Both have won the Tour de France and Olympic medals. The WADA information shows both cyclists have routinely and systematically taken prohibited drugs.


However, according to the BBC, that is not the story. The British state broadcaster is instead focused on blaming Russia for the publication of this information. The BBC's spin is that the publication is criminal and an unwarranted intrusion into the cyclists' privacy. It is also concerned to emphasize that Froome and Wiggins have fully complied with the rules and there is no suggestion of any wrong-doing. This is spin of a very high order indeed.


The proclaimed purpose of anti-doping is to protect athletes from taking harmful drugs and to create a level playing field for all athletes. The fact that WADA is complicit in allowing some athletes to take drugs that are known to be performance enhancing and harmful completely undermines the legitimacy of the anti-doping regulatory regime. It also undermines the confidence that anyone can have in the authencity of professional sports.


Many people have been repeatedly amazed by some of Chris Froome's recent performances. To discover that Froome has been taking steriods completely changes the perception. Those performances cease to be outstanding. They are rather seen as the results of doping.


People who have in the past questioned the authenticity of Froome's performances have been dismissed as conspiracy theorists. This is, of course, precisely what happened to the people who questioned the performances of Lance Armstrong, who was for years protected by the whole elite establishment. Currently, the elite establishment are clearly just as determined to protect Froome, et al.


The elite establishment line is that the athletes have not broken any rule. However, an anti-doping system that allows some athletes to take performance enhancing and harmful drugs, whilst banning other athletes for doping without any evidence of doping, is clearly, at best unfit for purpose, and at worst a political motivated organisation that is neither concerned with fair competition nor the health of athletes.

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