McCain's cognitive capacity unchanged

Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. However, doubtless his friends and family will be relieved to learn that it does not appear to have had any effect on his cognitive and moral capacities.


From his hospital bed, McCain has vehemently criticised President Trump's decision to stop US support for the jihadists in Syria. McCain is seriously angered by the change in policy. He sees the withdrawal of support for the jihadists as support for Russia and Syria. According to McCain, who has repeatedly met with leaders of al Qaeda and Islamic State, Trump's policy of defeating Islamic State is completely wrong-headed. McCain has long called for more support for the jihadists, who he would like to see in control of Syria.


Mr McCain apparently has even less moral sense than intellectual sense. He apparently either does not know what Syria under the control of the jihadists would look like (a glance at Libya might help) or he does not care about the fate of the people of Syria; the destablisation of the region; the migration crisis; and the spread of Islamic terrorism across the globe, including to America.


McCain's statement calls, not just for the support of the jihadists, but explicitly for the overthrow of President Assad. In this, he is of course being consistent, as he has long supported regime change in Syria. Indeed, McCain has enthusiatically supported regime change operation after regime change operation. Appreciation of the irony of a law maker advocating war crimes and crimes against humanity is clearly beyond Mr McCain's capacities.

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Comments (2)

  1. fuall

    If it’s a comparative analysis from his pre-diagnosis state as a baseline, who’s to say his thought processes and/or moral cognition weren’t already compromised or for how long. He should go to remove any doubt as to his fitness to serve, before there are aspersions cast in some subsequent debate that ends up tarnishing an otherwise mostly exemplary record of service.
    As for Syria, I agree we shouldn’t be there. I said at the time that we should have intervened, and then again when the “red line” in the sand was crossed. But that all changed when Barry pussied-out and didn’t follow through, allowing Russia the opportunity to interject themselves and their agenda into the situation. Once that happened I said we should walk away. Proxy wars are always long, protracted conflicts that are always expensive (relative to size) in blood and treasure and are rarely if ever successful to any meaningful degree. A Pyrrhic victory isn’t a victory worth having, and that’s what we’re facing should there be any escalation in tensions in the theatre. Shooting planes out of the sky and launching cruise missiles isn’t really going to help do anything except exacerbate an already tense standoff to the point of conflagration. If we really had the best interest of the Syrian people at heart we would choose not to engage militarily and focus on humanitarian missions instead. Securing and monitoring a sizable section of territory in the south of the country where ISIS/ISIL/DAESH don’t currently operate or have any known influence would be a better use of our military efforts. Instead of dumping several shit-tonnes of $$ into military hardware and bombs to slaughter people, we could start replacing some of the many towns, villages, and cities that have been completely destroyed. That provides the US with a far better narrative than contributing to the death and destruction of the country. It provides the Syrian people with jobs and an income, a place to live and work, security for their families, access to clean water and food, and provides the EU and the USA with a break in the refugee crisis, possibly even allowing some to return to their country from the places to which they fled.

    July 21, 2017
  2. jaageet

    Death, the Grim Reaper, the guy with the scythe is what Trump needs to drain the swamp without any political blowback. The problem with Republican politicians is that they are prima donnas and not team players pushing conservative agendas on behalf of the folks who voted them in as their representatives in a genuine democracy. John McCain is a prime example of a nameless gofer, as he should be, who has become larger than life and sucking the air out of the Oval Office. The only person holding public office known to the American people by name should be the President of the USA, Donald Trump. After the Grim Reaper is done with McCain, he should go after the other celebrities like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, and every other sonavabitch who wants to be a star.

    July 22, 2017