James Comey: a public servant

James Comey has been subjected to personal attacks by both Republicans and Democrats.


Back in July, he laid out the evidence that showed Hillary Clinton had broken the law. In his next breath, he said he would not recommend she be charged. This perplexed, frustrated and outraged Trump supporters, and puzzled many others too.


On Friday, Comey informed Congress and the rest of the world that the FBI had reopened the investigation in the light of new evidence. This dumbfounded and outraged Clinton supporters, and puzzled many others too.


Yet, notwithstanding all the puzzlement, there is a simple explanation: Comey is a public servant.


In July, Comey knew that Clinton had broken the law. He felt the crimes were insufficient to justify the FBI investigation influencing the presidential election. He also felt that the electorate should know the facts so they could make an informed choice. Hence, the disconnect between the evidence he cited and the conclusion he reached. He was passing the decision to the American people.


Then the Wiener case threw up new evidence, lots of it. And as a public servant, Comey felt constrained to wave a red flag, to alert the American public that something was badly wrong, that Hillary Clinton was more than just careless with state secrets. So he wrote to Congress.


Do I think he did the right thing? No. The role of a law enforcement officer is to uphold the law, not to pass the buck (however democratic the motivation) to the people. If he had done the right thing in July, he would never have been faced with last week's dilemma. Moreover, if he had recommended charges in July, the DOJ would have decided not to prosecute (recall Obama had long prejudged that Clinton had done no wrong) and thus passed the buck to the electorate.


But hindsight is easy.

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Comments (4)

  1. factual

    Stevie, what exactly do you mean, “he’s a public servant”? Public servants make bad decisions routinely? Most today haven’t a clue what their duties and responsibilities are? They for the most part just throw a dart at a board and they do what the dart lands on? Right to all of those and the fact that most are grossly incompetent, dishonest, dysfunctional and damn outright cowards. Public service today is a haven for the worse this society can produce. Particularly at the federal level. Had to deal with the wahington dc losers and the higher they went the worse they were. Each time a liberal loser like Bill Clinton, Obama, and make no mistake about it if Hillary gets in, our gov’t, agencies, public employees, the political system, hell all our institutions, public and private take s big turn for the worse. Comey is a politician like most public employees, appointed into positions they have no business being in, covering their ass and going in a direction the political whims blow and the powers at the time to be. In this case crooked and incompetent Obama’s wishes, and demands, channeled through the losers he appoints to gov’t agencies,( should never be political appointees-only proven career personnel coming up through the ranks), Comey was contacted behind the scenes, and it was made clear to him what decision he was to make, albeit he covered his ass and made it clear Hillary was grossly negligent, beyond incompetency, and in any other case from the lowest level personnel to the highest, under normal circumstances and a truly functional system, they would have been indited and prosecuted. That loser female Obama put in charge of the justice system (DOJ) made her wishes clear to Comey and he acted accordingly. Puzzlement has nothing to do with it, and outrage died with Bill Clinton’s conduct in the white House when he screwed Monica Luwinski with an illegal cuban cigar and no one, particularly the liberals and the feminist even made a squeak about that-Hell liberals and feminist,who are suppose to be against any fronts against women seen Billy Bob Clinton as their sugar daddy and someone to be used to push their sick liberals, feminist agenda. Just like crooked Hillary is their next flunky, of course she see’s them as her flunkies.
    Comey is just covering his ass, caught between a rock and a hard spot-career and political wants and he fucked up the first time and is looking for the less of two evils. Hillary should have been, still should be, indited, prosecuted and sent to prison, along with Billy Bob and Obama.

    October 31, 2016
  2. wirelessguru1

    The liberals and the lousy PC mass media loved him a few days ago! LOL!!!

    October 31, 2016
  3. louiskasatkin

    There are none righteous, no,not one. That said,who is most likely to order an attack at some stage in the near future on Russia/China/Iran ? Don’t vote them into Office.Please.

    November 02, 2016
  4. kimberlyldickenson

    I think this was the duty of a public servant.The both candidates were some how corrupt in their dealings.This information make the difference between the both.visit ninjaessays.org/research-paper.html for more info.

    November 15, 2016