I think Trump will win the election

Don't worry. I do not intend a discussion of polls and trends, swing states and the electoral college. No. My focus is something much more simple: trust; or, more to the point, lack of trust.


The American electorate no longer trusts the elites and their institutions. More specifically, they do not trust the corporate news media. And this lack of trust plays directly into Trump's hand. More significantly, it undermines Hillary Clinton. The corporate news media have wholly backed Clinton since the primaries. It is obvious to everyone that she is their candidate.


Here's just one example, her health. For months, the corporate news media did everything possible to deligitimatise anyone who questioned her health. Anyone who so much as wondered aloud about her well-being was instantly dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. The corporate news media condemned anyone who dared to raise the issue. The corporate news media's position had nothing to do with journalism. The news media were clearly acting as public relations agents for the Clinton campaign.


When a citizen posted a video of Clinton leaving the September 11 memorial service early, the corporate news media's position was instantly rendered untenable. No longer could the issue of her health be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Yet rather than revert to journalism, the corporate news media continued to act as Clinton's public relations agents. First, they acritically repeated the line that she had merely overheated. Next, they acritically repeated the line that she had become dehydrated. Then they acritically repeated the line that she had non-contagious pneumonia and it was no big deal. Then they edited out her husband's claim that the collapsing incident was something that happened to her frequently. And then they pretended not to notice when he contradicted the pneumonia line by claiming she had flu.


Not content with being mere repeaters of the Clinton campaign, the corporate news media decided to resort to peddling a conspiracy story. Now they decided, on the basis of zero evidence, that Putin and Trump had poisoned her.


Indeed, the corporate news media and the Clinton campaign are apparently obsessed with Russia and the notion that Trump is Putin's agent. They have trotted out this incredible nonsense at every opportunity. Making stuff up, no matter how unbelievable has been a constant characteristic of the corporate news media/Clinton campaign.


The notion that the American electorate are unable to see they are being subjected to a torrent of propaganda is only credible from the Olympian heights of the elite's utter disdain and contempt for ordinary people. But the people are not the ignorant, stupid, gullible dupes the neoliberal elite believes them to be. They may be busy, but they are capable of seeing when they are being taken for fools.


The more the corporate news media tell the people that Clinton is the only qualified candidate and that Trump is deplorable, the more the electorate will reject the condescension. The corporate news media's blatant propaganda will play into Trump's hand. The people are not going to be told how they must cast their votes.



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Comments (12)

  1. LovingLasVegas

    The news media would have the same philosophy even if it wasn’t corporate. Most journalists are left or far left by nature. They’re out to “change the world.” Corporations are idiots to support or own the MSM, but for some strange reason they do. Hillary Clinton, in her entire life has never done anything to benefit any business, large or small. But I get where you’re coming from. Trust in the media is at an all-time low. Finally! Trump supporters can see through the media charade, as well as millions of independents. Donald Trump, even with the occasional foot-in-the mouth moment, inspires people (including me) and we will be out in force this November. Many Clinton supporters will stay home. Hillary doesn’t inspire anyone, even her supporters, who can barely fill a high school gymnasium. When she called half of Trump’s supporters “deplorables”, she sealed her fate, in my opinion. This is an excellent post, by the way.

    September 18, 2016
    1. stevehayes13

      Thank you.

      September 19, 2016
  2. belladora

    I am inclined and frightened to death, you may be right. The media is trying to hard to point out the obvious flaws in his character. It does not matter. The people that are Trump supporters will never vote for Hillary. One is anti establishment and they see Trump as change. That change may not be for the better but it shall e different. World War III could be a lot closer if he is elected. Just agreeing but disagreeing with Trump as a choice for me.

    September 18, 2016
    1. stevehayes13

      On any objective analysis, Hillary Clinton would be far more likely to wage war than Donald Trump.

      September 19, 2016
      1. belladora

        Your logic escapes me. Someone could say something about his hair and he would go to war. At least with Hillary it would have to be an aggressive act, retaliation, in USA interest. If they were both brain surgeons, I would go for the one that is aware and has operated in the past. I don’t think we need OJT for the President. It is a complex world we live in. It does not consist only of tax breaks. Sorry just my IMHO.

        September 19, 2016
        1. stevehayes13

          It is not a matter of logic; it is a matter of fact. Hillary spearheaded the destruction of Libya – a country that was not threatening the US. By the way, waging war in retaliation or interest constitute war crimes.

          September 20, 2016
  3. LovingLasVegas

    If we could survive eight years with an anti-American president who hates the military, I think we can do just fine with someone who wants to rebuild the military to the extent that nobody will want to mess with us. The United States wasn’t prepared for WWI or WWII, and other nations took advantage of us. If there’s going to be a third world war, it will happen under a weak administration that is afraid to stand up to the world, just as European nations were afraid to stand up to Hitler, and his war machine. There’s no rational reason to believe that a man who wants us to be strong, will bring us closer to WWIII. If there is, I’d like to hear it.

    September 18, 2016
  4. funfreak

    This is your opinion and, as a Trump enthusiast, your claims are not fully rooted in fact, but rather based on your own biased observation. For example, you state “The notion that the American electorate are unable to see they are being subjected to a torrent of propaganda is only credible from the Olympian heights of the elite’s utter disdain and contempt for ordinary people.” What makes you think that the liberals are the elite? Unlike Donald Trump, who hasn’t contributed a dime of his own money to charities nor, most likely, to the American economy, via taxes, why would you think this man, who has his clothing businesses overseas, who has run a discredited “university” that scammed students out of tuition fees, who has conned and lied his way through this political process, embarrassing and defaming his opponents at all costs in order to advance his own agenda…..why would you think he has the “the people” and their concerns at heart. Did he show up in Flint, Michigan when citizens were being poisoned by their water? Did he contribute funds to the veterans after that phony stunt to avoid a Republican debate? What you “hear” is obviously what you perceive as fact, no matter where the source originates. Last week, Trump played the media, plying them to show up and cover his BIG announcement on the birther issue. Instead, he got some veterans to show up and endorse him after using on-air time to promote his new hotel. And in the most insulting way possible, he ended by saying that Obama was born in the US, period. Then took no questions. He’s a coward and a bullshit artist. But, as Trumpeteers applaud these antics, thinking they are putting one over on “the liberal media”, they are also being played, themselves. They and their loyal compadres are willing “tools” in Trump’s attempt to use anything and anyone to promote himself. He’s an embarrassment and a loose cannon. Yeah, I’m one of those highly educated women who just isn’t buying his empty promises and sees through his manipulations. I’m sickened by those who don’t realize just how dangerous this pompous fool would be as the leader of our great nation. He has used every trick in the book to frighten and appeal to the bottom feeders. Their “enthusiasm” suggests that they think Trump would actually be able to lead them to a new economy, great jobs that only need new trade deals to bring back to the USA (seriously?! Ask the businesses in Atlantic City who were destroyed by Trump’s abuses of bankruptcy laws).These industries are never coming back to the US. No one besides coal miners want coal to continue as a source of energy. It’s detrimental to the environment, as are all fossil fuels. It’s time to find new skills and develop new technologies that fit the evolution of business and industry. Trying to bring the steel industry back is a waste of time.), and an invincible military equipped to “bomb the hell out of Isis” as if they are merely an easily identifiable cell operating in one location. He speaks as though the presidency would allow him to operate as a ruler or even a dictator (Putin…..Sadaam…….hello?) instead of a president (only one third of the foundational branches of our government). Honestly, when I listen to him, I find his rhetoric so transparent and clueless. For all he stirs up in a rally with his divisive and violent language and the lack of honesty and facts in his claims against anyone who points out his inaccurate posturing and character flaws, I find his appeal a real indictment on the real weakness of the United States. It’s at our very core……a loss of values, our sincerity, our humility, our diplomacy and intelligence, and the loss of our goodness. We snivel and blame and make excuses for our inability to navigate the evils and the failures of our system. We seem to be looking for a magic bullet to solve all our problems and unfortunately, this one seems willing to take aim right between our eyes.

    Even an Aussie comedian sees him for what he is…..Jim Jefferies latest comedy show, Freedum, "After pointing out that the presidential candidate’s reputation as a straight shooter is built on a series of ultimately meaningless statements about unfeasible policies that are simply easy to understand, he likened him to a child running for class president. “He’s just walking around going, ‘And we’re gonna have two lunches!” he teased, “and a soda machine in every classroom.” Jefferies then struck a serious tone. “Here’s where it’s not fun,” he said. “What he does is he preys on fear.”

    You, of course, have your right to your opinion, as do I. I just think we have a critical responsibility to decipher fact from fiction and weigh the issues against the seriousness of their consequences. And, in that light, I cannot responsibly promote a self-aggrandizing narcissist who shows an extreme lack of knowledge, sincerity, discretion, and compassion.

    September 19, 2016
    1. stevehayes13

      I have no idea why you claim I am a “Trump enthusiast”. Perhaps, you might care to take your own advice and distinguish between fact and fiction.

      September 20, 2016
  5. belladora

    Just pray for all of us. We can criticize the Iraq war and G.W. Bush to begin this horrific tale but it does no good. We must all come to an understanding and not undermine those in power. Donald Trump is not the solution.

    September 20, 2016
  6. ThisandThat

    Very good post. I would never characterize you as an “enthusiast” just an excellent observer.

    With respect to who would be better – its a crap shoot. With Hillary you get the same old same. She is the establishment and will continue to get rich at others’ expense. With Trump you don’t know what you will get; but there is no reward without risk.

    September 22, 2016
  7. cameronpriddle

    I think you have post this thing when election was in progress. trump has won the election my friend. at that time I was doing work in assignment writing service and my friend has told me that trump has won the election.

    September 16, 2017