CNN is surreal

I have been watching CNN, and it is surreal. CNN anchors, journalists and their pet experts are banging on about Donald Trump being a liar. Chris Como has been particularly excitable. All the while they are empathically claiming that seventeen US intelligence agencies found that Russia interfered in the US presidential election to get Trump elected. This is beyond absurd.


The Report they keep referring to was published on January 6. It clearly says that it is the product of the CIA, the NSA and the FBI. That makes three. Not seventeen. So in order to push their narrative that Donald Trump is a liar, they repeatedly and vehemently assert a blatant falsehood. Moreover, it is a falsehood that they must know is false, which makes them liars.


I say they must know that the seventeen intelligence agencies claim is a lie because the report clearly states it is the work of three agencies, naming those agencies, and CNN claim to have read it. However, if they haven't read it, they are still liars because they claim to have read it and if they haven't read it, they must know they haven't read it. There is also the fact that James Clapper has stated on oath to Congress that only three intelligence agencies assessed the Russian interference, testimony CNN covered. There is also the fact that the US Intelligence Community actually consists of sixteen agencies (the seventeen number comes from including the Director of National Intelligence as a separate agency, which is just silly) and most of those agencies would have no expertise in the area. For instance, how would the Coast Guard assess that Putin had ordered the FSB to hack the US presidential election?


CNN are not just liars, they are absurd liars, pushing surreal fantasies. CNN is beyond fake news.



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  1. Munkyman

    I don’t understand what’s a lie, If Trump was going to fire Comey anyway & the interim AG advised him to, he just did what he was advised… maybe he would have done it against the AG’s advice, maybe not… that’s an argument that didn’t happen. That may not have been why, but he still just did what he was advised. The absurdity of it is that until it was done those so upset about the “Firing of Comey” were upset it wasn’t already done. I’m ashamed how many reasonably intelligent people get caught up in this tripe & at the blatant panderers so many look to for moral guidance.

    May 12, 2017