CNN has gone completely insane

So Stephen Miller publicly rebuked CNN's Jim Acosta for his bias and ignorance at a White House press briefing. (The rebuke was well deserved, by the way.) Well, CNN were not going to meekly take such insults and turn the other cheek. They have hit back, and hard.


CNN have published a no holds barred expose of Miller by Chris Moody. It reveals that when Stephen Miller was sixteen years of age, he turned over a table. The scandalous tale is entitled: The time I went to summer camp with the future mini Trump.


Just in case you are thinking that this is not intended seriously, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that journalist Chris Moody quotes sources and even complains that Miller would not comment on the story.


CNN has clearly lost any sense of perspective it might once have had. It is clear that CNN think this is a political critique of Stephen Miller and, by extension, President Trump and anyone who supports the president.

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Comments (4)

  1. Munkyman

    LMAO Summer Camp expose’.

    August 04, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    Fool, CNN has been “completely insane” for awhile now.

    August 04, 2017
    1. stevehayes13

      Have you bothered to read Mr Moody’s expose? It is beyond CNN’s usual nonsense.

      August 04, 2017
      1. wirelessguru1

        Usual nonsense!? LOL!!!
        Come on, none of the CNN “nonsense” is usual.
        Those freaks have been completely insane since Trump won.

        August 04, 2017