Anti-Trump hypocritical hysteria

The story about Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer is merely the latest chapter in the endless, constantly morphing Russia-gate scandal. Hypocritical hysteria and hyperbolic rhetoric are apparently the only constants in this scandal.


The Donald Jr met with a Russian lawyer, who supposedly had negative information on Hillary Clinton. The meeting apparently lasted for approximately twenty minutes, and it turned out that the lawyer did not have any information on Clinton, but had merely wanted the meeting to discuss adoption matters.


One would have thought this would be of no interest to anyone. Yet, the New York Times, and the rest of the corporate media, are outraged. They are representing the meeting as criminal and even treasonous. To any dispassionate observer, the rhetoric is mere hyperbole. Yet the hypocrisy is even more exaggerated than the rhetoric.


The outrage is centred on the notion that Donald Jr met with a foreigner for the purposes of oppositional research. The outraged commentators have apparently forgotten all about the Steele Dossier, a piece of oppositional research against Donald Trump, which Clinton's supporters paid a million dollars for fictional dirt. They paid the money to Christopher Steele, a foreigner, who used some of the money to bribe other foreigners. This bought and paid for oppositional research was then hawked around Congress, the intelligence agencies and the corporate media, and it has provided a basis for a number of Russia-gate investigations, including the House Intelligence Committee's where Adam Schiff has used it as a template and the appointment of a Special Counsel.


The outraged commentators have also apparently forgotten all about the Democratic Party colluding with the Ukrainian government to undermine Donald Trump. This collusion with a foreign government was reported in detail in Politico on January 11 and immediately ignored by the corporate media. This collusion with the Ukrainian government led directly to the forced resignation of Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign Chairman.


Selective memory also seems to have conveniently overlooked the many, many times that the US has interfered in the domestic politics of other countries. Indeed, the US has a long and consistent history of regime change operations; actions that the outraged critics of Donald Jr have invariably supported enthusiastically, regardless of the fact that they have been illegal, anti-democratic and incredibly harmful. More specifically, they appear to have forgotten their celebration of US meddling in the Russian election to secure victory for the incompetent and disasterous Boris Yeltsin (which ironically led to the rise of Putin).


For a dispassionate observer, the Donald Trump Jr met a Russian lawyer scandal is as mysterious as the Real Presence is to an atheist. The Clinton campaign colluded with foreigners, including a foreign state. This is demonstrable fact. There is, not only no scandal, there is no interest by the corporate media. Yet, Russia-gate (regardless of version) is, not only a scandal, it is the subject of multiple investigations and the basis for constant character assassinations. However, there is not a scintilla of evidence to support the Russia-gate scandal.

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Comments (2)


    The answer is the Clinton Foundation. That is the key…and key holders who are willing to talk turn up “suicided”…in a word, omerta.

    July 15, 2017
  2. RRoe

    Trumyboy jr repeatedly lied about the meeting. Trumpyboy lies so often that no one seems to notice, but i want nothing to do with compulsive liars. Listening to the media’s ranting about this idiot instead of talking about important stuff like infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc. Is equally repulsive.

    July 16, 2017